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Signs your man is secretly unhappy

Last Update : October 6, 2017

Does your man seem more distant recently? Maybe he’s unhappy, here are the signs to help you figure out what’s going on.

Often Distracted

Some people like to be busy when they are unhappy. If you find your guy is constantly busy with something and doesn’t always listen to you properly it might be a good idea to try and start communicating. Activities commonly used to keep busy are watching TV, playing video games and doing unnecessary chores. Some people find it difficult talking about their problems, so try and see the situation through their eyes. Men, unlike women, don’t like to talk about their problems, bear this in mind, and put yourself in his shoes to try and understand his thought process.

More silent than usual

When men are quieter than usual, it usually means they are upset or hiding something. Men don’t like to complain so they prefer to say nothing at all. Usually, men are quite blunt; if they’re happy they will show it. But if they’re unhappy they won’t show it. So when they’re not actively displaying they’re content, it’s a sign that something isn’t right. If you ask him what’s the matter he probably won’t answer. Let him think over the situation that is bothering him in his mind, give him time to handle his problems on his own.

Snide comments

Does your man seem more sensitive or irritable these days? Men don’t speak about how their feeling, so they make snide comments to display their unhappiness. If you notice your partner making more disrespectful comments or being rude, it could be a sign that he is conveying his unhappiness without directly saying so. If you notice he is trying to tell you he isn’t happy with you any longer, you say it. Women are braver than men when it comes to voicing their feelings, and that is why they tend to be the ones to end the relationship.

Spending more time with friends than with you

When you find your other half is spending more time with his buddies than he is with you, something isn’t quite right. We’re not saying you’re more important than your partner’s friends, however, you should be his priority and he should make the effort to spend as much time with you as he does with them. But don’t jump to conclusions; there might be a variety of reasons why he is spending more time with them than with you. Maybe he doesn’t feel at ease speaking with you about some problems. Try to have a calm talk with him to find out what is on his mind.

Short answers

If you find yourself on the receiving end of short one word answers, your man is trying to avoid conversation. This is another male defense mechanism to protect themselves from talking about their problems. We advise calmly telling him that you know something is wrong, and that when he is ready you’re there for him.

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