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Dating myth or reality? – Sex on the third date

Last Update : October 6, 2017

Getting intimate for the first time with your date is a huge step. If there is sexual chemistry between you two, you will have more chances to make your relationship grow harder, if there is not, it is going to be more difficult to make it survive the next encounter.

This is the reason why many singles prefer to wait for a few more dates to go to bed. Their idea is to give themselves some time to emotionally connect with their partner, but nowadays, what is the perfect moment to get intimate with your new partner?

The dating hypothesis: daters tend to get intimate on the third date

Over the years, some studies have shown that singles tend to behave in a particular way when it comes to dating, and thus new dating tendencies have been established taking into account these results.

However, there are several unspoken dating norms that currently are being followed by scores of singles around the globe, and which not necessarily are very accurate in representing how in reality people behave when dating.

The popularly-known as the “third-date rule”, where you, and the new guy/girl you are seeing, wait until your encounter number three to head to the sheets, belongs to the latter.

Currently, there are no studies showing that this is what a vast majority of daters are doing, but it has been established as a parameter to follow.

In 2004, there was a study published in ABC News that showed that 29% of adult Americans have had sex on the first date. The trend may have changed.

Men’s perspective

For most single men, the three-date rule has become an instrument to discover if your date really is not only attracted to them but also interested in them. Nowadays, most men are keen to have that desired physical encounter at some point within the first three dates -the sooner, the better- but when it is not the case, and they have enjoyed three dates without any apparent sexual activity involved, for them it is a pretty straightforward sign of disinterest from the woman’s side.

Women’s perspective

Nowadays, it seems that the pressure is on women. If a lady goes to bed with her date on a first or a second date, she could be viewed as loose girl; if she does is on the third one, she is seen, as the current unspoken dating norm suggests, as being interested in the guy, and if she wants more than that, it seems that she is not attracted to her date at all.

However, in reality, it all depends on every woman, the new guy, and how she feels about him.

Dating myth or reality?

In spite, the three-date rule is not a dating norm written on paper, that there are no studies showing that singles specifically wait until that date to get intimate, as it is more like a personal choice, and that there are more people who have sex on the first date, it is true that, on average, couples tend to get physical on the third date, so it undoubtedly is a dating reality!

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