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5 tips to Flirt Online

Last Update : June 13, 2018 by Olivia

Online dating has significantly increased in the last few years.

With the continuous and accelerated development of digital technologies, tablets and smartphones, the way of flirting and finding a partner has completely been disrupted.
People seeking to establish a romantic relationship are turning nowadays to the digital platforms which are starting to demolish all the stigmas that were before related to online dating.

In the amidst of such a revolution, some people are still having some troubles to actually do the flirting part online.

Do you know how to make the most of the online platforms to flirt ?
Your main tools are you words, but is that it ?

We give you 5  tips to help you thrive on the dating websites :

#1 Avoid cliches

The dating websites are no that new anymore. They’ve been there for a couple (two , three couples ?) of years and we all have read about all the possible cliches. We all know it. All those terms that have been overused and should definitely be completely avoided. If you really want to find a romantic relationship then leave them as far as you can and embrace your own qualities. Which bring us to the next tip…

#2 Be yourself

Authenticity is THE quality that everybody is looking for. And funny enough, it should be the easiest one to reach. Don’t you think it’s actually harder and time consumming to build a cliche persona around yourself that doesn´t actually fit with your true self ?
If you are both looking for a relationship, then your best weapon to seduce her/him is actually you.

#3 Be specific

We all (or at least lots of people do) love summer, the breeze, paradisaical beaches, nice Mediterranean tomatoes and funny cats on Youtube… and so ? Do you think that’s original ? Do you think the other person is actually getting to know you ?
You’re human, we get, we are all !(we hope at least) and we all live in society, we tend to like the same things, generally speaking(isn’t that how it works ?). So if you want to flirt online, one of the best ways to do so is by showing the other person what makes you different, unique. Don’t be afraid to be specific.

#4 Answer quickly

There’s nothing more frustrating for the other person than having to wait ages for each of your answers. Flirting online should be fluid, as close as it can be to a conversation. Make sure you put some time aside to fully focus on flirting.
Be available, be there and you will increase your chances of catching her/his attention !

#5 Don’t hide behind the computer

One of the best perks of online dating is the freedom it gives you. You can flirt and meet people online from anywhere, whenever you want to. (And in pyjamas if you want to). However, that doesn’t mean that you can say things that you wouldn’t say in person. Make sure to act the same way or as similar as you would do as if you were on an actual date. Imagine the fiasco if you flirt online with someone that is overconfident and funny and when you meet him/her  it’s actually the complete contrary ?

In a nutshell, be authentic, be yourself and let the other person discover your true way of being. Once you have that, let the words do the magic

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