The importance of love for a healthy heart

Last Update : October 9, 2017

healthy heart

Hearts are the symbols for love. A strong red rounded heart is drawn everywhere to celebrate love. An international sign that refers to that feeling that makes your heart beat at a stronger and more intense pace.

Heart researcher and professor of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, Dean Ornish, gave recently a quite interesting talk about the « Transformative Power of Lifestyle Medicine: Love and Intimacy ».

The power of love and affection

According to Ornish, studies have shown that people that are lonely and depressed are more likely to get heart problems that those that have a « stronger sense of love, connection and community ».

Other studies done with different groups of animals, in each one group would be loved and petted and the other ignored, showed the same tendency. Love is undeniable a necessary fuel for or body health.

A strong medicine against health threats and the necessary formula to face problems.

However as Dr. Ornish states « not everything that is meaningful is measurable », love and intimacy although hard to measure are an essential part of our diets for a healthy body.

Internet, love and a strong heart

Luckily, Internet has put to our reach what before used to be harder to get. New and diversified friendship with no borders, the possibility of meeting several lovers until getting to know the perfect match through dating websites, or even the chance to just give a boost of happiness to the heart through casual dating.

The importance of being loved, of loving and of feeling part of a group is a basic need that allows our heart to pump the blood efficiently to take fresh and deep breaths.
Being loved and loving is feeling alive. Intensively alive. Social connections and affection are triggers that activate our heart.

Love has therefore strong benefits for our heart health and our longevity.

We feel calmer, less prone to depression and overall happier. Love also comes accompanied with a feeling of protection and security that reduces our stress and anxiety, therefore, reducing the risk of heart failure.

If our heart is our engine, love is the fuel that keeps it bumping.

Finding love and nurturing it should then become one of the priorities in our lives.

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