Love in the time of social media

Last Update : October 6, 2017

love social media

Social media are increasingly starting to become part of our daily life.

They have such a strong influence that it is starting to have a significant impact on our romantic lives. Let’s put a break for a moment so we can investigate their impact carefully… ¿What happens when romantic relationships get involved in social media?

Digital modern love

Social media exploded in our daily lives a couple of years ago and started to play an active role in our free time… but not only that, it also showed up in our pockets through our mobile phones, in any bar through our tablets and basically everywhere with an internet connection.

This led to a change in the habits (and obsessions) of its users, changes that they have been adapting little by little to their routines.

The question would then be: ¿Has social media adapted to our routines or our routines have rather adapted to social media?

The love arena has not escaped to the claws of social media, that is for sure. On the contrary, it has started to evolve in a different way thanks to those platforms for social interaction in which instantaneity, interaction, and speed are their god.

Platforms such as Facebook or Twitter have been able to emerge as sites for friendly encounters which could lead to romanticism but most of all, social media have become nowadays the display for its users to announce their love to their partners publicly.

In that way, through social media the relationship becomes official and legitimate.

Love in the time of social media : they can create it, they nurture it, they share it, they spread it… ¿Can they also destroy it?

Cataloging digital love: the modern romantic display

We refer to pre-technological love to the romantic habits from before the explosion of social media and the popular online dating websites. Among those habits, romantic relationships could only be learned through a personal announcement or through third parties…

Nowadays is as easy as changing your Facebook status from single to « in couple » and you have already announced to the whole world your relationship. A commodity that can indeed avoid some awkward situations with ex-partners but as innocuous as we would imagine.

The instantaneity of the announcement can also succumb to the ephemeral characteristics of social media and your relationship can be destroyed in a single day.

Easy things are not always an upgrade. The statistics show it : more and more couples are starting to break-up through social media, texts, and emails… How can you « technology-proof your love?

Love needs to be nurtured, on a daily basis and it needs time and intimacy.

The secret for a strong and lasting love is in a healthy balance between its online and offline presence. The obsession for social media has driven us to the need to live every moment through the screen of our phones and we tend to sometimes forget that the beats of the heart of our partner, their beats of love are just in front of us and they can be felt by just dropping your phone to one side and putting your hand to his/her chest… what is your routine made of?

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