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Dating as Steven Yeun

Last Update : October 6, 2017

With the return of the new season of the Walking Dead’s series, Glenn’s love story with Maggie has been under the spotlight.

In the series their romance has been one of the strongest ones. A true love that has managed to fight through problems, zombies, and enemies.

Zombies vs. love

Steven Yeun is the real name of the actor who portrays Glenn. An attractive young man that has managed to steal the hearts of million of fans all over the world. Fans that have themselves fallen in love with the fictional love story between Glenn and Maggie. However, is Steven Yeun real romantic life similar to his fictional one?

The blurred line between real love and fictional romance

Despite the insistence of a large number of fans regarding a real romance between Steven Yeun and Lauren Cohan (Maggie), Yeun is actually happily married with photographer Joana Pak.

It is not the first time that a fictional romance becomes so popular and followed that it actually follows the actors in their real life.

Sometimes TV  (as well as the Internet), can create a new different romantic world. The problem is that sometimes the line becomes extremely blurred between both worlds.

Hence, the importance of being able to integrate both worlds in a balanced way. Yeun has been able to create a perfect love story on the screen while nurturing his own romantic life with his girlfriend, who became fiancé recently and now wife.

A lesson on dating and the digital opportunities and dangers

The most interesting part is that Yeun has successfully been able to add both worlds in the digital arena: his TV love story with Maggie and his real romance with his wife through her pictures.

Meanwhile, we can always affirm that Glenn Rhee has stolen millions of hearts while Steven Yeun has just embraced one….

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