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Defining the new modern perfect man

Last Update : October 9, 2017

Things change. It is unavoidable. Time goes by, our societies change and with it new habits and new tendencies start to become more popular. The same happens with Love. If before the most romantic men would be defined by being a gentleman, buying flowers to their women, being brave and strong, and not showing any emotions…things have changed (yay!).

Nowadays women do not expect those characteristics from men anymore. Even though it took years, it seems that now our society is learning (little by little) that a woman’s love can’t be bought with flowers, that emotional dependency is a deal breaker and that never showing your emotions…well it just simply doesn’t allow for a relationship to grow.

So gentleman, if you are reading this and you wonder what defines the modern perfect man, we recommend you to continue reading.

Ladies, it is our time to have our say in Romance. We do not need to wait for our charming prince anymore. The truth is the world is filled with charming princes, we just need to know how to recognize them…

# He is passionate about his hobbies rather than wanting to be fit and strong

Let’s be honest, perfection is subjective. What can be perfect for some might be consider quite unattractive for others, however, being passionate about things in life is one of the most attractive traits of any person.

If before a perfect man would be defined by his six-pack, his strong arms and his obsessions for getting stronger and stronger and stronger in order to be seeing as man…nowadays we prefer honest men, with honest passions : it shows that a man doesn’t have insecurities nor social problems : he can be a man as he wants to be.

He doesn’t need to be the strongest. If he wants to be, well we congratulate him, but if he doesn’t and he just likes to write, read, draw, play, laugh… that’s the way to feel connected to somebody else. Being you, being true to yourself and following your passions… that’s the highway to our hearts.

# He shows his emotions

It can be anything. From crying watching « Life is beautiful », to telling you about his insecurities, his fears, his memories… being able to show emotions is actually only of the bravest acts in life. And it is definitely a way to conquer a heart.

After all we are all humans, and emotions are one of the requirements of being human. So if you don’t want to look like a rock, we encourage you to open the door to your emotions. It can be so liberating, you’ll feel more secured, you’ll feel strong… basically you will be allowing yourself to feel, and what is a relationship ? What is romance and love if not feelings ?

# He loves to cook

The new sexy trend. Indeed: men who love to cook. It is not only the exhilarating power that a woman after having being locked in the kitchen for the last centuries feels when a man is cooking, but it is also that feeling that things are balanced, that he controls, he knows, he enjoys and he cares about you.
Gentleman cooking is sexy and there’s something definitely hot in the Kitchen Romance.
If you think perfect men don’t exist, then we encourage you to stay tuned for our part II on perfect modern men.
What would you say makes a man worth of your heart ?

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