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The Science of attraction according to Zoosk: Smell over Voice?

Last Update : December 20, 2018 by Alex

We’ve all probably experienced attraction at some point in our lives.

Who hasn’t?

Who hasn’t been in a place and suddenly seen a person that will awaken something inside of you?

However, attraction and chemistry tend to be two mixed concepts when it comes to understanding how attraction works on us.

Does love at first sight really exist? How does attraction really work?

These are some of the questions that the popular dating site Zoosk has tried to answer to, we’ve summed up the results:

Is attraction all about the smell?

As you might know or might not know, smell is one of our most important senses. It is not only related to memory and taste, but it is also a very important element when it comes to feeling attracted to someone.

According to Zoosk, ” a lot of what we learne when we smell a potential partner is communicated to our body’s systems subconsciously”. Indeed pheromones. Pheromones are undoubtedly a very important component of attraction, love and meaningful relationships. There are actually some dating events that have tried to push a step forward the blind date concept by setting new rules: the participants can only smell t-shirts of other participants and choose the most attractive smells to you.

If you don’t really believe in the power of smells just try to think of the smell of your family home and how a t-shirt from your mother while being a kid could really calm you.

Smell can subconsciously give us lots of information about the health of our partner, and how genetically compatible you both are.

In that sense, according to a study published by the Scientific American, attraction can be important to look for immune systems opposite to our own in order to create stronger and healthier babies.

After all, we can’t deny that we’re all mammals!

Is attraction also visual?

Definitely, but perhaps not in the way you might have thought…

As described by Zoosk, when some studies were done by showing a group of men and women different pictures of the opposite sex, both men and women are physically attracted to both the strongest immune system in men and men were most attracted to women that were in their most fertile moment in the menstrual cycle.

Fertility may actually play a more important role than expected!

Apparently, when a woman is at her most fertile point, her voice sounds also more attractive to men, the same way women tend to feel more attracted to men with deep voices.

Great news to start debunking stereotypes based on beauty and feminity!

Testing the science of attraction with Zoosk

At this point, we invite you to try a social experiment with Zoosk: register and check out the different profile pictures of singles around you.

Which ones attract you and what are the common characteristics? Do you think that perhaps your inner animal instinct is telling you which users would actually complement you in the best way?

There’s a lot to gain and so little to lose!

Register for free to Zoosk and check out your inner instincts!


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