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A Dating Guide for Men: Chapter 2: How to Avoid Dating Disaster on your First Date?

Last Update : April 16, 2019 by Noah

Destiny plays a key in relationships. Some experts even believe that the game of love is all about numbers.

In 2017, a group of mathematicians discovered that the odds of finding love on a single day is 1 in 562 if you leave it to just fate.

Leaving your dating life to the wheel of fortune is too risky!

Chemistry and attraction can’t be imposed, but there are certain traits and attitudes that are resistible for women and can make them feel head over heels for you.

If you want to rock your first date, you’d need to consider the following mix of elements: physical attraction, shared interests, values and expectations and having a kind and positive attitude towards your date.

According to a study by a popular dating site, there are certain traits that women love about men.

On Chapter 1 of our Dating Guide for Men, we explored what makes guys irresistible to females, what are the most desired attributes for women on a first date.

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On Chapter 2, we have compiled a list of things that turn off women during a first date.

A Dating Guide for Men: How to avoid disaster on your first date? 5 negative attitudes that irritate women!

  • Checking your mobile phone constantly: There’s a man glued to a mobile phone… A first date is a good opportunity to get familiar with your match. There’s no better way to discover if you two are meant for each other than engaging on a relaxed conversation where you share the most interesting things happening in your life at the present moment and your romantic expectations. Paying too much attention to your mobile phone shows a lack of interest in the other person. This is what women hate the most during the first date. According to, 9 in every 10 females dislike men who constantly check their phones during their first date. Do you really want to succeed on your first date? Focus on things that really matter: you two!


  • Arriving late to the venue: Punctuality is a clear sign of respect for your match. Picture the situation. You two have been talking online for a while, she has spent quite some time getting ready for your first encounter, she arrives at the venue and patiently wait for you. A few minutes pass, and no news from you! More than 10 minutes later, you show up. What impression do you think you would give to her? Not a very good one. According to, 90% of women don’t like men who are more than 15 minutes late on a first date. If you don’t want to ruin a golden opportunity for love even before you start your first date, make sure you arrive on time to the dating venue.


  • Drinking more than expected: A couple of drinks can really help you to break the ice with your match and make you feel more relaxed during a first date. In fact, there are people who become more talkative after having a few drinks. Relying too much on alcohol to calm your first-date nerves, however, isn’t the best idea. Everyone knows that people can easily lose the plot when getting drunk. You can end up revealing unnecessary information about you, your dirty secrets, become a bit more clumsy as you are not in full control of your movements, you start staggering and swaying and feeling dizzy, and worst of all, you look like a loser that deserves her pity instead of an interesting guy who she may admire and end up falling in love with. If that’s not enough reason to convince you to think twice when having some drinks during your first date, next time you go out on a date, keep in mind that 81% of women, according to, lose interest in men who have more than two drinks during a first encounter.


  • Deciding for them when ordering food: Traditional dating roles are outdated. Every day, more and more women declare themselves as dating feminists! The time has come where people no longer have to worry about sexist dating habits where men are the ones in charge of the bill or decide what their female partners want for dinner in a restaurant. In fact, this is a turn off for women. Considering the study by, 68% of females don’t like when men order food for them during a first date. If you want someone by your side who, like you, is smart, kind and strong, then treat her like as equal. What makes you a gentleman is not the idea of paying dinner on the first date or ordering food for her, is the fact that both of you connect and decide things together.


  • Being rude to waiting staff: Forget the tough macho type! Nowadays, women are attracted to men who are confident, sensitive, intelligent, kind, and funny. On your first date, if you adopt a friendly attitude with her, but also other people you meet during the evening, you will have more chances to land a second date. In fact, many women despise men who are arrogant and impolite with others. According to, 38% of women don’t want a partner on a first date that is rude to the waiting staff. If your goal is to create a good first impression, you better be kind to the people attending you during your first encounter.

Captivating a woman requires patience and a bit of chemistry, but playing your best cards during your first date can ease the process.

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If your goal is to nail your first date, make sure you put into practice the tips we gave you in the first chapter of our dating manual for men and avoid the bad habits we listed in this second episode.

Ready to become the next best first-date master?

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