#Dating as a star

Would you like to master the art of dating?In this section we will unveil the tricks and methods of the most famous stars! Do you want to know what works for them in love? Discover the different ways some of the most acclaimed stars have faced romance and love. Can you date as a star? and most importantly, do you know how to do it? Find out the best practices in dating and get inspired!

dating as angelina jolie

Dating as Angelina Jolie

With the recent events that have just unfolded, Angelina Jolie has been under the spotlight once again. The actress of Tomb Raider became famous for her passionate romances with Jonny Lee, Billy Bob Thornton and Brad Pitt. Relationships that were publicly portrayed due to their intensity and the strong involvement[…]

dating as ryan gosling

Dating as Ryan Gosling

The notebook’s actor is currently happily married with two children, but he has had some long-term intense relationships over the time that have been known for their romantic intensity. He dated Sandra Bullock in the year 2002 after co-starring Murder by Numbers and Rachel McAdams for 3 years after The[…]

dating as winona ryder

Dating as Winona Ryder

Winona Ryder, the Beetlejuice stars is back on the spotlight with the acclaimed new Netflix series « Stranger things ». The actress has a long history of dating: Christian Slater, Johny Depp, Matt Damon, amongst others, she has managed to steal the hearts of music rockers and film stars. A[…]

dating kit harrington

Dating as Kit Harrington

Kit Harrington, widely known as Jon Snow has also become known for his romantic approach to life. A romance that caught the attention of all the fans of « Game of Thrones » when him and his girlfriend, Rose Leslie ( Ygritte in the series) made public their love. Love[…]

dating as emma watson

Dating as Emma Watson

Emma Watson has shaken gender norms quite often. The star of Harry Potter has quickly passed from the frizzy-haired Hermione to a great advocate of women and romance who has also publicly stated that humor is one of the most important things when dating. A revolution in romantic dating A[…]

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