#FridayDating recipes

Food is one of the key elements to reach someone’s heart. A great way to boost romance and strengthen bonds whilst enjoying the wonders that the universe let us taste… Fridays on their side mean that the working week has finished and the weekend is about to start : the perfect time to plan dates and romantic evenings. We believe that food is one of the best allies to conquer your partner’s love. That’s why we will weekly post in this section a Friday Dating recipe to help plan your romantic date ahead. Make the kitchen yours and use its weapons to win your partners hearts!

friday dating recipe honey

Honey Glazed Chicken with Almonds for an aromatic date

Honey, the best company to sweeten your date Honey is closely related to couples, romance and love… is no coincidence that newlyweds go on their honeymoon to celebrate their love and passion! Indeed formerly the wedding custom consisted of giving to newlyweds jars full of honey so that their first love[…]

friday dating recipe pumpkin

Pumpkin, beef and Black Bean Chili for a Halloween Date

A Mexican touch for your romantic date Pumpkins are the symbol of Halloween. Those round orange scary face with candles to light its eyes and mouth that will be everywhere this weekend. Halloween is a great time to plan a date. The lights, costumes, and parties make it a great[…]

friday dating recipe strawberry

Ricotta Strawberry French toast for a sensual morning

Strawberry, lust, passion and romantic awakening With its powerful red colour and this heart shape, the strawberry is one of the most passionate fruits used for Valentine day and as a symbol of Venus. Its sweet flavour and its high levels of vitamins make of this red little fruit a[…]

friday dating recipe avocado

Avocado-Tomatillo Salsa verde quesadilla to spark romance

Avocado, a sensual added element The avocado has been considered for long a very sensual fruit. Its pear shape together with its rich and voluptuous flavour has given to this fruit the reputation of being an energising sensual food. Indeed,  it is apparently in its high levels of vitamin E[…]

friday dating recipe

Caramelized fennel, leeks and orange salad for a cozy date

Fennel, for an autumn placid date It is quite interesting to note that fennel has been used throughout history for magical, culinary and medicinal uses. From the early days, fennel has been considered as a great libido and romance booster and a specially powerful aphrodisiac for the ladies. Fennel contains[…]

friday dating recipe

Vanilla Bean Olive oil Ice cream for a charming date

Vanilla to help you share sweet words… Vanilla is very characteristic for its calming scent and exotic taste. Two very important elements as love and Romance are strongly dependent of two of our senses : the taste and the smell. It is indeed in the sweet aroma of vanilla that[…]

dating recipe pomegranate

Herbed Pomegranate Salsa, a romantic date at home

Pomegranate, a passionate fruit to create a deep conexion This coloured fruit was already a culinary symbol of Aphrodite for the Ancient Greeks. From Homer to Shakespeare this powerful red fruit, has been pictured in poetic works as a sensual symbol. It has been a great element to boost passionate[…]

dating recipe figs

Figs wrapped in Prosciutto with Gorgonzola and Brie for a bold date

Figs, an added element for a daring and bold romantic meeting Figs are a great aphrodisiac fruit with a very suggestive colour, a voluptuous shape and an exclusive texture to the tongue. Greek wisdom considered this sensual fruit a source of love and fertility. A fact probably associated with the[…]

dating recipe saffron

Steamed artichokes with almond Saffron for an intimate date

Saffron, the perfect ingredient to create a sensual and romantic atmosphere With an exceptional and passionate color and a very distinctive flavor, this aphrodisiac spice will invigorate your love life ! Saffron is produced from the dried stigmas of the Crocus Sativus flower. A great ingredient to add to your[…]

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