Relationship Advice

The fairy tales are sadly not very realistic most of the times… you have been looking for love, you found a match, had some dates and you are building a relationship. Well done! However, the popular “and they lived happily ever after”… does not really correspond to reality. Having a relationship can be a wonderful experience, but it also needs constant care and maintenance. In this section we offer you a complete guide with advices and love tips to maintain a healthy a strong relationship.

after breakup

What to do after a breakup?

Recovering after separation is one of the hardest things to do. After spending so much time with their partner, many people find pretty hard to picture their life without that person who was meant to be the one and only one, but who, in the end, it seemed that it[…]

long tern relationships 4 steps

The ultimate guide for long-term relationships in 4 steps

Have you ever watched an elderly couple holding hands in staring at each other with love and you’ve wondered what’s their secret ? Why all you relationships seem to sink even if you try as hard as you can to make it work? Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore,[…]

inconformity in love

The secret behind your inconformity in love

Love is a complex subject. We want it, we struggle, then we get it, we are not sure if we want it anymore because we are not sure it is what we imagined… a vicious circle! It has probably happened to everybody at some point… to be in an unhappy[…]

love expiration date

Does love have an expiration date ?

The theories on true love duration vary according to experts. From 3 to 4 years to 12 months, the odds of your love lasting a lifetime have been challenged by many experts. However, we wanted to revise the question, does love really have an expiration date? Love vs. affectionate emotion[…]

love personal space

Love and personal space

Love can sometimes be asphyxiating. It seems that we tend to think that the more we love the more we should be there, with our loved one, all the time, showing our lover how much we love him/her. Love is a great weapon against almost every ugly thing in life,[…]

love social media

Love in the time of social media

Social media are increasingly starting to become part of our daily life. They have such a strong influence that it is starting to have a significant impact on our romantic lives. Let’s put a break for a moment so we can investigate their impact carefully… ¿What happens when romantic relationships[…]

5 tips better couple life

5 motivations for a better life in couple

Love is a path full of adventures and challenges… from the start, the quest for love and throughout the whole way… and relationships aren’t easier either ! Once the first challenge of finding a partner has been accomplished, the next one starts : maintaining a healthy life in couple… A[…]

first love later love

Can later loves be better than First Loves?

First loves are known for being strong forces dictating the beating of our hearts. A kind of love that perhaps due to its novelty, it’s vigorous and influential. A kind of love that we hardly forget and that probably made us suffer significantly when it ended. Have you ever thought that[…]

dating summer getaway

A Summer getaway from London

Summer is almost here! Although we all know that summer in the UK is an unpredictable thing! This is why, when the clouds are finally fading away and the sun becomes the king of the sky, Londoners have to make the most of it! A little getaway out of London[…]

plan spring date

How to plan a great Spring Date

As Winter fades away, warm Spring is ushered in. Days become longer, brighter, flowers shine through the streets and romance blossoms. Spring offers a wide variety of plans and possibilities to organise the perfect date. Whether you prefer the city, the beach or the mountains, the sunshine and the warmth[…]

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