What criteria are used to create the best dating sites ranking?

Last Update : November 9, 2016

The dating sites in our rankings were assessed and rigorously tested by our experts. All our tests were conducted anonymously to verify that the sites meet our criteria. Our criteria take into account the registration process, the organisation’s profile, the search methods and contact tools between members. We also assess the cost, data security, customer service, the number and the average age of members. We pay special attention to ease of use, originality and efficiency of the features and systems linking members.
We gather all these marks in four main categories: the quality of the profiles, the efficiency, the customer service and the features. All this allows us to give a global mark, which determines the appearance and the position in the ranking. We also made the decision to not include sites that have an excessively low final mark, retaining only the best dating sites.
Our ranking is constantly evolving, every day we test new sites to best help you in your search and remain attentive to the good quality sites that are already there.

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