How to jump into bed on a first date

Last Update : March 16, 2016

It’s often seen as a challenge or a goal for many men because their desire to sleep with their date is there from the outset. This approach is often much easier if the meeting is one of a sexual nature, since both parties are in prior agreement to get together under the covers for casual dating. In most situations, however, we need to use our most cunning and fool-proof seduction techniques to achieve this goal on the very first date and this isn’t a talent that everyone possesses!

Choose the right girl

Some women simply wouldn’t contemplate doing this so, first and foremost, to maximise your chances of getting her between the sheets with you, you must choose the right girl! Obviously, you have to respect the wishes of the individual girl you meet. If the answer is a firm and final no, you’ll just have to go home frustrated. On the other hand, you need to be aware that many girls out there are really hoping to find a nice, sexy guy they can sleep with on the first night, without too much trouble into the bargain. There are plenty of girls looking to make sexy no-fuss plans and they aren’t necessarily easy girls either.

Cunning ways to get laid on the first night

Get the place ready for your encounter

If you manage to get her home, after having had an aperitif, been to the restaurant and the cinema (all going without a hitch), and she agrees to follow you up for the famous “nightcap”, you’ll need to have everything ready! This means, as a minimum, you must have cleaned and tidied your apartment and have left no dirty underwear on the carpet or Review X on the bed next to a box of tissues (it’s really not that bad …)!!

The same applies to you! To maximise your chances of success, you must prepare yourself like a professional athlete with impeccable shaving and hygiene, getting rid of rogue hairs as you go etc. Your mental preparation plays a big part too, as you must go out there feeling confident that tonight you won’t come home alone!

Be reassuring

To be intimate with a stranger you’ve only just met a few hours ago is both a very exciting and very scary prospect. The first thing that might make a woman back off going to bed on a first date is simply a feeling of insecurity. So, the first message you must put across to her is ‘Don’t worry, I’m not a serial killer, I want you as much as you want ,e!’. Basically, it’s essential for you to be very reassuring and inspire confidence and, if you can achieve this, you’re half-way there!

So,how do you achieve this? Talk to her about your job (a steady job is better and, if you earn a good living, that’s even better too because, in the minds of many women, finance and security go hand-in-hand even when it comes to sex). You can also talk about your circle of friends, your family, etc. to show her that you’re a good person in every respect.

Sexualise the situation

You must use your best seduction weaponry and attack with smoothness and precision … turn up the heat on the situation and make her want to go further – she must see you as irresistible!

Basically, for novices, here’s the drill:

  • Use body language: look deep into her eyes, touch hands, etc.
  • Stop conversation and pay her a compliment,
  • Maintain an air of uncertainty to keep the excitement flowing,
  • Sexualise the conversation – get right in there!

To go to bed on a first date, you have to get to the stage where you can make a sexual advance. Don’t make any rude jokes as you’re bound to fail but instead, pursue a conversation that subtly tackles a subject concerning you both: the subject of sex!

Don’t say to her “let’s talk about sex” but broach the subject with humour and sensitivity. You can tell an anecdote, talk about a show you’ve been to, a movie you’ve seen, etc. Girls who’ll go to bed with you on the first date really love to talk openly about sex. They can show you they’re not prudish and enjoy stirring the deep desire in a man who’s devouring them with his eyes!

How to get what you want from the first date

You’re there:

  • Your apartment is clean,
  • You’ve reassured her,
  • You’ve touched on hot topics,
  • You’ve awakened the desire in your conquest,
  • You’ve had a few drinks and you’ve sexualised the conversation.

Now you can speak openly….It’s time to tell her that you want her and this is the crucial moment when you mustn’t go wrong so put a few things together – tell her how superb her body is, how her personality is so irresistible that you really want to finish the night with her. Make her feel it would be such a shame to waste such a hot atmosphere!

Girls enjoy the luxury of being desired (that’s the game) so, if your conquest shows any hesitation, tease her by telling her you thought she was a free agent, modern and independent! Don’t crack up because, if you beg her to sleep with you, you can be pretty sure you’ll be “sleeping” alone.

Since you’re a respectable, reassuring and attractive person, you should be set up like a George Clooney, which goes hand-in-hand with nights of pleasure. This is the time to use the last trick in the book by intensifying your approach to win her desire.

As a last resort to score a “yes”, bring a rival onto the scene … Tell her jokingly that, because of the way this torrid evening’s turned out, you’ll be inviting a friend over to join you later. This is, however, dangerous ground because jealous women may take offence rather than play this little seduction game.

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