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Comparing and choosing the best dating site for you will allow you to quickly find a serious relationship. We've tested and analysed the most popular dating sites in the UK in 2020! Are you ready to meet a local match? Start dating today! Compare the best dating sites and start a new dating adventure!

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Best Dating Sites in the UK - Review

9.8 Out of 10

If you are serious about meeting potential matches or making new friends, this is the best place to be!

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Best Dating Sites in the UK - Review  OurTime

9.5 Out of 10

OurTime is a new dating site for mature singles looking for a new romantic opportunity with a like-minded person.

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Find the best Dating sites! - July 2024

In the digital age, online dating has become a go-to avenue for singles seeking to find their soulmate ☀️. As more people leverage these digital platforms to forge meaningful connections, navigating the vast array of dating sites and apps can seem daunting due to the sheer volume of options available.

Safety and compatibility are paramount in the pursuit of lasting and fulfilling relationships 💖. That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive ranking to guide you toward the most reliable and suitable dating platforms for your needs.

Explore our carefully curated selection, based on thorough analysis and user feedback, to make an informed and secure choice. With our assistance, find the platform that will allow you to genuinely connect with singles who share your interests and values.

Love could be just one click away—let us help you find it! 🌟

Why are dating websites so successful?

Dating websites are soaring in popularity, and it’s easy to see why! They’ve seamlessly integrated with contemporary dating trends while harnessing the power of technology, transforming our digital dating and courtship behaviors 📱💕. Indeed, technology has profoundly influenced every facet of our lives, including the realms of love and relationships.

Many of the top dating websites in the UK have built their reputations over several years, gradually becoming trusted platforms for singles. Yet, with the dating market’s significant expansion in recent years, selecting the right dating website that aligns with your desires and expectations has become a challenge.

To navigate this, comparing different dating websites through rankings is an invaluable strategy, offering a clear path to enhance your chances of finding love ❤️.

A Modern Approach to Dating

Gone are the days of scanning local newspaper ads for potential love interests. Online dating websites have revolutionized how we connect with potential partners. They enable precise targeting and a clear understanding of who you’re looking to meet, making dating not only more efficient but also less time-consuming than traditional methods. The filtering and selection capabilities of these platforms are key in honing in on your ideal matches.

Furthermore, the success of various online dating niches (‘serious’, ‘senior’, etc.) can be attributed to several factors. These include the degree of profile customization to find the right partner, the time it takes to get to know someone online before transitioning to an in-person date, and the confidence boost it offers to shy individuals. They can proceed at their own pace, leading to more successful and meaningful connections 🌹.

The best dating websites for serious relationships are those that have successfully matched the most couples. In this context, a dating site comparison tool becomes indispensable in choosing which platform to join, ensuring you make the most informed decision on your journey to love.

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Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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Sometimes a serious relationship comes from an encounter filled with affinities…

When choosing an online dating site by affinity, you’re very likely to come across people with the same interests as you on all the levels (tastes, traditions, visions, religion, culture, social background, political choices…).

Affinity dating sites usually ask for a personality test so you can target users that have the most in common with you and vice versa. When using an affinity site, it is indeed highly recommended to share as much information about yourself as possible, including different details about your preferences in your profile in order to make easier the task of understanding who you are to the other users that might start to show interest in you. These are very serious sites that have helped lots of people in their quest for long-term relationships and in starting to build constructive couples.

With the help of these sites specialising in affinity dating, you can really be yourself; although you always have to keep in mind to properly described yourself in your profile in order to be easily identified by someone similar to you. Don’t forget: candour, sincerity, and seriousness are very important elements when writing a profile.

5 Key steps to build a serious relationship using an online dating website:

1 – Create a complete and qualitative profile, providing the maximum of information.

2 – Only contact with members that match your personality.

3 – Be patient given the large number of registered members.

4 – Stay courteous and respectful to everyone, even if the person who contacts you is not interested in you.

5 – Being yourself is the best attitude that will lead to a serious relationship on an online dating site.



Love in the Golden age: Top UK Dating Sites for over 50

owadays, it is said that 50s are the new 30s. Maturity is the perfect period in life for experimentation and discovery; the discovery of new love. That’s exactly what Over 50 Dating is about! More and more British senior singles are taking the reins of their love life with the help of mature dating sites. Whether you’re divorced, separated, widowed or single, dating after 50 has got lots to offer!

What are the best options out there for singles over 50?

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Serious dating sites and dates

Many serious dates started between people that met online on those dating sites. If you’re looking to date online a serious man, it is easier to reach your goal by being honest rather than lying to them. If you make sure you follow all these guidances, you’ll be able to find love or friendship with people similar to you.

If you are not really sure about the best way to describe yourself on your profile, you could always browse how other users describe themselves on the dating site: a woman looking for a man or a man looking for a woman for a serious relationship will unveil their qualities as well as their faults. It is then recommended being completely honest on an affinity dating site in order to find the perfect match. Honesty is also a sign of respect for the other members who are registered within the site with the hope (and intention!) of finding a serious relationship on the dating platform! After all, the quality of your profile details ensures the quality of the site and its good reputation!

While surfing an affinity dating site, keep in mind not to get upset if some members don’t respond positively to your profile. Sometimes even if you feel a strong connection with somebody, it might not be mutual. Life happens!

Feelings are quite uncontrollable… so if it happens to you, don’t panic! Luckily there are lots of available profiles and amongst them, chances are you will find THE ONE you are looking for. The potential for a long and lasting serious relationship will strongly depend on which dating site you choose. Different websites have different tools to get in touch with your chosen profile.

Plus, usually after the first contact if both of you feel a connection you can always further your conversation through private email, phone calls and eventually you can even meet in real life, who knows… you might even end up building the rest of your life together?

Online serious dating sites have opened the doors to different and renewed opportunities in the field of love. Indeed, love can now bring down geographical barriers! No matter where you are, love is always a possibility that might just be waiting for you around the corner. Make the best of all the digital tools that the Internet and the new technology have developed.

Be informed, adventurous and honest and make sure you enjoy every single moment of this exciting adventure you are about to start.

All about Online Dating: Guide

All about Online Dating: Guide

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Online dating: Tips and advice

Online dating: Tips and advice

Do you have doubts about how to look for the best Dating site? Or even how to create your dating profile? Discover here all the answers you need to know to make the most of your Online Dating experience! The difference between serious and matchmaking dating sites, how much they cost, and what to consider when choosing the best dating site for you!

Compare the best dating sites

Compare the best dating sites

We've tested the most popular dating sites in the UK. Find out the details and main features of the best dating sites! You'll see how easy it is to compare and choose the one for you. Finding your perfect partner is just one click away and now it's your moment to start dating!


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