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How to find Love: 3 reasons why you’re not forgetting your ex

Last Update : May 30, 2019 by Ayana

They say that time helps you forget, but the truth is that it is not that easy to forget an ex, it can really easily turn into a real obsession if you’re not careful!

Actually, it is a problem that happens more often than you might have imagined!

We have gathered here the 3 reasons why people tend to not be able to forget about their ex.

If you want to move on and find a new love, continue Reading!

How to forget your ex: the survival kit

How to go through social media without going crazy

It is indeed a fact! Social media can easily become a terrible tool to feed obsessions, namely when you see the pictures of your ex, his/her Friends, his/her new Friends… let’s be honest! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Tend to give an unrealistic version of reality as they only show what people want actually want to show…

Nevertheless, the damage is done! That’s why when going on social media it is always very important to keep in mind that you should never compare your life with what you see on social media, as it will never be accurate!

So you might wonder? What shall you do?

Well, the solution might be to block your ex, if it helps. However, if you’d prefer not to do that, do make sure you’ve turned off all notifications from your ex’s profiles.

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3 mistakes that don’t let you move on in love

#1 You are still comparing relationships

Although comparing, and especially when it comes to relationships is a natural réflex, you should always be very careful as the behavior can turn to be quite toxic!

It is normal to compare a new relationship with your last one, at least at first. However, we definitely advise you to keep in mind that by comparing relationships you will also be limiting your new relationship!

That’s why we recommend you to take a new relationship as what it is: something completely new! Without any baggage!

#2 You’re still Friends with your ex and you still have feelings for your ex!

This is a tough situation, we’re not going to hide it! How to do if you have still feelings for your ex but you’re still ex?

We assume that you’re still Friends with your ex for a good reason and that you do not wish to cut that relationship, however, it is always very important to keep some distance!

First of all, it is always good to have some space when a relationship breaks off as you will need to be on the same page if you want to maintain your friendship. The key here is to avoid any ambiguity!

If one of you still has some romantic feelings towards the other one, then that “friendship” would never be real and it could actually be more painful than nice.

That’s why, our tip is to have some distance, make sure you’re both on the same page and if you have any doubt about your feelings, the healthier thing you can do is to put even more distance to your friendship.

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#3 You’re hoping to come back together

Another very common breakup mistake: to try to fix the unfixable.

The first thing you should do is to reconsider the reasons why your relationship didn’t work.

We tend to forget (really quickly!) the bad parts and we get obsessed with the nice one.

If you really think that your relationship was worth trying again, you could try to talk to your ex, although remember this Golden rule: you can only ask once, otherwise your attempts to get closer might actually have the contrary effect!

A past relationship can create a certain nostalgia and it can slowly become a beautiful dream, but it is really important to think about the things that cause the relationship to break.

Once you remember those things and you decide what is really important for you in a relationship, you’ll have all the tools you need to move on and find a great relationship again.

When it comes to finding the perfect partner, we are here to help you!

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