Dating Infographics

It is said that pictures are worth a thousand words… that’s why we thought you might enjoy some visual content! In this section you can find the latest dating trends explained with infographics and animated videos. A nice way of keeping yourself updated and having fun reading about the latest romantic trends. Dating infographics will mainly be focused on different dating trends around the world so you can see the bigger picture… get ready to discover dating facts with colour, music and movement!

best season online dating

The most romantic time for online dating sites is here!

We are officially in the middle of the so-called “Best season for online dating“. Do you know why? Check out our Dating infographic to discover what singles are attracted to on online dating sites in 2019! It turns out that traffic on online dating sites is increased by 350% after the[…]

The infographic about gay online dating

Gay Online Dating – Celebrating differences, Welcoming Online Matches

Are you interested in Online Gay Dating? Discover everything you need to know to make the best of your gay online dating experience. Is it love at first sight? how many gay and lesbian people use it? What are gay people looking for in love? Discover our monthly infographic about[…]

The infographic about modern feminist dating

Modern dating – The era of feminist romance

Have romance stereotypes changed over the years? Do modern singles look for equality in dating? The resurgence of the feminist movement has transformed the way singles currently date, and fall in love. Nowadays, more than ever women are in charge of their love life! In our monthly dating infographic, we[…]

The infographic about spring dating

Love is in the Air – The Blossom on Online Dating in Spring

Are you ready for Spring Dating? Discover our monthly Dating infographic about the Spring Dating Fever! Indeed Spring is a great time…more romantic opportunities, more online dating registrations, more flirts… It is also the best time to clean your dating profile and restart dating with a renewed energy! Do you[…]

The infographic about Valentine's day

Valentine’s Day: Discover the love trends during the most romantic day of the year

Welcome to the most romantic day of the year! Valentine’s Day is here and to celebrate it! We have created a dating infographic and an animated video where you can discover more about the tradition of Valentine’s Day as well as some curious facts about how people date during this[…]

The infographic about the best season for matches and dating

#Video – The Best time for online dating is here !

We are in the middle of the so-called best season for matches and online dating. Indeed an exciting time for singles to discover online dating! If you are looking for love in 2017, then this is THE information you need. Discover the reason behing the sweetest time for online dating[…]

The infographic about the cuffing season

#Video – The Cuffing Season: Find a partner for New Year

Winter is a fantastic season to find a new partner. People used to believe that most romantic stories occurred around Valentine’s Day or during summertime, but the cold season has become the ideal time to fall in love. The so-called The Cuffing Season is more popular amongst British singles than[…]

The infographic about politics and dating in the USA

#Video – Dating habits & political views of American singles

The last weekend before the US elections has arrived and a large number of American singles are getting ready to continue with their dating lives before having to decide the future of America. Did you know that there are significant differences in the dating habits between Clinton and Trump’s supporters[…]

The infographic about Dating in the US

#Video – 40 million of Americans are addicted to online dating

The « dating » culture is a very important element in the lives of Americans: more than 1 of 3 couples meet on a dating website! Serious dating or romantic adventures, 40 million of Americans are addicted to dating! >>Discover our monthly infography A lot of couples meet at work,[…]

The infographic about tinder

#Video – Are Tinder users really singles in the search for love?

When the location-based app Tinder appeared a few years ago, the main idea was to allow singles in specific areas to chat with each other after showing mutual interest. Nowadays Tinder is has become one of the most popular dating apps in the market, especially the less serious dating market.[…]

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