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#Video – The Cuffing Season: Find a partner for New Year

Last Update : October 6, 2017

Winter is a fantastic season to find a new partner.

People used to believe that most romantic stories occurred around Valentine’s Day or during summertime, but the cold season has become the ideal time to fall in love.

The so-called The Cuffing Season is more popular amongst British singles than ever!

Welcome the New Year with someone special

We carried out a research focusing on the way people date during the coldest months of the year and found that many couples initiate their romantic journey by the time the New Year arrives.

As the animated video below shows, one in every two singles tends to be more open to let others get closer to them.

Many of those men and women looking for a long-time partner expect to find the ideal mate during this period.

In fact, it is true that romance can happen during the Cuffing Season.

On one way, couples feel more predisposed to get intimate when the weather is terrible outside, but, due to coldness, singles also have the propensity to get frisky!

Whether you have been enjoying your single status for a long period of time or have recently put your relationship to an end (it seems mid-December is the most popular day to dump your partner!), you can easily get back in the dating scene alongside the arrival of 2017.

It seems that December 31st is the best day to go date back because singles feel more tempted to start the New Year with a new partner.

Therefore, enjoying a winter romance now is more possible than ever!

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