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#Video – Dating habits & political views of American singles

Last Update : October 6, 2017

The last weekend before the US elections has arrived and a large number of American singles are getting ready to continue with their dating lives before having to decide the future of America. Did you know that there are significant differences in the dating habits between Clinton and Trump’s supporters ?

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If you are going on a first date this weekend, you should know that Clinton’s supporters are 129 % more likely to drink wine while Trump’s supporters are 79% more likely to drink beer.

According to a survey conducted by on Singles in America, Democrat singles are 43% more likely to be looking for a serious relationship while Republican singles are 116% more likely to talk about an ex on a date.

If you thought that politics should be a taboo on dates you should consider that a good political conversation could increase your chances of a second date by 91%.

More than 40 million of American Singles are preparing to vote next Tuesday, get to know your date’s political leaning by her/his dating habits! You will have a success-assured date!

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