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She would like to move to New York, he would prefer to only stay for a few weeks. She is very playful, he is far too susceptible … does this ring a bell? Affinity dating allows you to find the ideal partner thanks to advanced matching personality tests. Even if no profile will match 100% (after all aren’t we all unique?), they allow at least to meet a possible match that might have many things in common with you. A great way of discovering the hidden universe of your new partner and boosting your chances of love and romance! The most rewarding relationships are waiting for you right here! Discover the Best Matchmaking Dating Sites in the UK!

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  • One of the biggest user bases in the UK
  • The worldwide leader
  • Available on smartphones
9.8 / 10
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3'100'000 singles
ideal age25-40


  • Great for senior singles
  • Very dynamic community
  • Lots of events and workshops for singles
9.5 / 10
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2'000'000 singles
ideal age50+

How to find a lasting relationship with a real affinity

Online dating sites have been experiencing a growing success for years! They have now become a very popular tool to find love in our sometimes frantic lives. Tools that have considerably expanded and developed over the years. However, with such a fast expansion many people have troubles trying to actually find the best dating website for them… the online dating world can sometimes be like a maze: more choices, more possibilities, and more competition…

Our ranking of the best MatchMaking sites tackles this problem as it helps to efficiently target the dating websites accordingly to single’s needs and expectations in order to increase the chances of finding a match. Dating websites offer different possibilities and you have to make sure that you are registering to the right dating website if you are looking to meet people with the same preferences than you, whether it is a serious relationship, friendship or casual love.

Our carefully selected ranking allows you to take a glimpse at the best matchmaking websites on the market. Websites that have been tested by our team of experts and have passed our “quality” tests with flying colours.

However, we would like to point out that this ranking is subjective, and we do not claim to have compiled an exhaustive list. Instead, we have created this ranking based on a series of criteria which have targeted the best and most reliable matchmaking dating websites in the UK.

If you are very sensitive or you have got a romantic soul you will easily find the person who shares the same sensitivities as you through one of our affinity dating sites. Ready to start the adventure?

Finding the perfect match with the best dating site

Do you prefer romantic comedies or horror films? Rap, reggae or metal? You want to visit Iceland or would you rather go to the warmth of the Caribbean? Your tastes, emotions, and preferences are unique to you.

They actually create your persona. Fortunately, there are people who share your tastes and opinion on many topics, you just have to find them! And most importantly keep in mind that these people are waiting for one thing: to meet somebody like you so both of you can start to forge bonds of friendship or even love by sharing all your passions and affinities.

We all enjoy having a partner with whom we can exchange points of view, discuss different topics and most importantly who wants to find somebody to share the same values. An affinity with someone can sometimes be as little as a detail but it will definitely have a big impact in your life once it is shared. Affinities such as loving quiches with bacon or enjoying spending rainy Sundays under the covers are, at the end of the day, just as important as a religious or a political affinity can be.

You will notice that our selection of matchmaking dating sites only targets serious websites with “high quality” profiles. A great way of getting to know nice and friendly people. Some of them might turn into lasting friendships, others might turn out to be your life partner and true love!

Affinity questionnaire and dating profile: how does it work?

Have you found the site that suits your needs from our selection? Great! Your adventure is about to start! Although if you want to make sure that you start the journey in the best possible way, there are a couple of things that you have to keep in mind. The first and main one is your profile!

Whether you want to find serious women or serious men, do never neglect your dating profile! Choosing (cleverly without distorting reality) your profile is a decisive element that will strongly impact the success of your adventure.

In a nutshell, the two main things that you should put a lot of care into are your profile picture and your description! The more complete your profile is the more chances you will have of attracting people who might have some or even several affinities with you! An exciting journey is ahead of you! Affinity questionnaires are usually presented to users at the beginning of the registration process.

The answers should be as accurate as possible as it will be the base that the dating website will use to establish your interests, character and overall attitude towards life, as well as your individual views on important life issues such as love and religion.

Once they have gathered that information, the matchmaking engine will work hard to make its magic happen! Finding love and relationships online is, after all, a very exciting experience!

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