How to look for dating matches

#7-How To… Look for Online Dating Matches

You are about to start your online dating experience! But how to look for Online Dating Matches? Don’t worry. We’ll give you the best tips to make the most of your online Dating Experience! You’ve already created your profile, chose the best profile picture and you feel ready to start[…]

dating glasgow

Dating in Glasgow

It is said that Scottish men are more romantic than English people. Glasgow has stunning views and a very rich and vibrant culture which makes it one of the best places in Scotland to spend some romantic time together with your partner. Whether you are single in Glasgow or you[…]

dating leeds

Dating in Leeds

Leeds is one of the biggest cities in the UK. Whether you are from Yorkshire or you will go to visit it, we recommend you a romantic break in Leeds, a city filled with activities, fun, and romance. Leeds’ history can be traced back to the 5th century, it has[…]

dating manchester

Dating in Manchester

Manchester is a great city in the UK. Known for its dynamic cultural life, Manchester has got lots to offer! Whether you like sports, clubs, music, pubs, you’ll find everything you need here. Register to Zoosk for free to meet local singles! A great city that never sleeps… are you[…]

love personal space

The secret of a perfect balance between Love and personal space

Love can sometimes be asphyxiating. It seems that we tend to think that the more we love the more we should be there, with our loved one, all the time, showing our lover how much we love him/her. Love is a great weapon against almost every ugly thing in life,[…]

dating london

Dating in London

London is considered one of the biggest cultural centers of Europe. A place in which lots of different nationalities live together and where many young people have moved to discover new experiences. London is not only the British capital but it is also one of the most exciting places to[…]

These superheroes and villains can get you a date on Zoosk [Infographic]

“Our love story began at a Coldplay concert”. “Our interest in Game of Thrones brought us together”. “We started talking in the queue for Avengers: Endgame”. Sharing interests is crucial when flirting with other singles. Plenty of online dating sites connect people considering their hobbies and passions. Creating a profile[…]

relationship goals

#RelationshipsGoals: What’s the key to happiness?

Love, happiness, and relationship goals. Who hasn’t been there right? Apparently, money and fame don’t bring real happiness but having good relationships does. No surprises there. Actually, according to a recent study by the University of Harvard, called the « Study of Adult Development » the quality of a relationship[…]

self esteem love

Self-estem : the Love potion

Love is one of the constants of our lives. We can find it in ancient literature always portrayed as the most desired element among people, but also has something somehow unachievable. Nowadays, dating websites have managed to create great platforms for singles to get to know each other and increase[…]

inconformity love

The secret behind your inconformity in love

Love is a complex subject. We want it, we struggle, then we get it, we are not sure if we want it anymore because we are not sure it is what we imagined… a vicious circle! It has probably happened to everybody at some point… …to be in an unhappy[…]

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