In the mood for LOVE

healthy love

The importance of LOVE for a healthy heart

Hearts are the symbols of LOVE. A strong red rounded heart is drawn everywhere to celebrate love. An international sign that refers to that feeling that makes your heart beat at a stronger and more intense pace. Heart researcher and professor of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, Dean[…]

love science

The search for Love according to science

Love has been portrayed by poets from centuries, a very strong feeling that causes both happiness and sadness depending on the situation. The search for love has been one of the strongest motivations throughout centuries for human beings. But what is the true definition of love? What is love? How does[…]

forget your ex

How to find Love: 3 reasons why you’re not forgetting your ex

They say that time helps you forget, but the truth is that it is not that easy to forget an ex, it can really easily turn into a real obsession if you’re not careful! Actually, it is a problem that happens more often than you might have imagined! We have[…]

tips better life couple

5 motivations for a better life in couple

Love is a path full of adventures and challenges…but when we are in the mood for love everything is possible! From the start, the quest for love and throughout the whole way… and relationships aren’t easier either! Once the first challenge of finding a partner has been accomplished, the next[…]

love personal space

The secret of a perfect balance between Love and personal space

Love can sometimes be asphyxiating. It seems that we tend to think that the more we love the more we should be there, with our loved one, all the time, showing our lover how much we love him/her. Love is a great weapon against almost every ugly thing in life,[…]

relationship goals

#RelationshipsGoals: What’s the key to happiness?

Love, happiness, and relationship goals. Who hasn’t been there right? Apparently, money and fame don’t bring real happiness but having good relationships does. No surprises there. Actually, according to a recent study by the University of Harvard, called the « Study of Adult Development » the quality of a relationship[…]

self esteem love

Self-estem : the Love potion

Love is one of the constants of our lives. We can find it in ancient literature always portrayed as the most desired element among people, but also has something somehow unachievable. Nowadays, dating websites have managed to create great platforms for singles to get to know each other and increase[…]

inconformity love

The secret behind your inconformity in love

Love is a complex subject. We want it, we struggle, then we get it, we are not sure if we want it anymore because we are not sure it is what we imagined… a vicious circle! It has probably happened to everybody at some point… …to be in an unhappy[…]

love social media

Love in the time of social media

Social media is increasingly starting to become part of our daily life. How does love fit in that equation? Social media has such a strong influence that it is starting to have a significant impact on our romantic lives. Let’s put a break for a moment so we can carefully[…]

soulmate theory

Can later loves be better than First Loves?

First loves are known for being strong forces dictating the beating of our hearts. A kind of love that perhaps due to its novelty, it’s vigorous and influential. A kind of love that we hardly forget and that probably made us significantly suffer when it ended. Have you ever thought that your[…]

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