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Dating myth or reality? – Millennials tend to avoid face-to-face breakups

Last Update : October 6, 2017

The online dating revolution has eased the way singles connect, mingle and initiate relationships.

Getting a potential date has never been as comfortable, and fast as when using dating platforms, but new technologies have also changed the way people break up.

The dating hypothesis: Millennials usually avoid face-to-face breakups

Millennials communicate with each other in a different way in comparison to daters from previous generations.

Several studies have shown that they use social networks, and dating services to get dates, and find a potential partner. There is also a spread idea that suggests that they prefer to use new technologies to dump their online dates as well in order to avoid face-to-face confrontation.

In fact, there is a new dating trend called “Ghosting” that refers to the practice of ending a romance avoiding direct facing breakups by simply fading communication up to the point of ignoring the other part.

A poll conducted in 2010 in the USA revealed that 27% of women were at least once dumped through one-way digital communication.

Another study carried out in 2014 by YouGoV/Huffington Post with over 1,000 singles, showed that only 18% of unattached Millennials had been ghosted, and 16% ghosted someone to avoid breaking up in person.

Men’s perspective

How do Millennial single men break-up? In spite, most single men, around 80% according to the 2010 poll, believe that breakups should happen in person, avoiding face-to-face breakups are becoming every day more and more popular.

A research made by the dating app Plenty of Fish in 2016 shows that single men (women as well!) do really practice ghosting to avoid face-to-face ruptures.

Women’s perspective

Millennial single women are a bit more hesitant to virtual breakups or ghosting in comparison to men, but they also are into digital breakups.

Another study from 2016, reveals that seven in every 10 Millennial singles break-up online, and only 18% of them have the courage to meet with their date/partner in person to end the relationship. They do it by text, email, phone or social networks.

Dating myth or reality?

Most Millennial daters believe that breaking up in person is the most honest way to end a relationship, but there is a substantial difference between what they think, and what they currently do.

Nowadays, there are more single men, and women who ghost their dates/partners or who prefer digital breakups. Therefore, the idea that Millennials tend to avoid ending up a relationship in person is a dating reality!


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