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Redefine Love – 10 ways in 10 days to find love in 2019

Last Update : January 7, 2019 by Alex

Agreement No.4 Redefine Love

What is Love?

A very hard question to answer, don’t you think?

I’ll tell you the truth, there isn’t only one answer but as many as you can think.

Love is non-tangible and as such, it is a very individual and personal feeling. Which means that there can be as many different definitions of love as people live on this planet.

Interesting and scary and at the same time!

In today’s agreement, we’ll be exploring how to redefine what loves means to you.

Let’s start!

Redefining Love: a journey to break stereotypes about True Love

What does true love mean? What is the meaning of love in a relationship?

It is said that people need love to survive, would you agree with that statement?

Love has been defined by our society for centuries: from romantic literature to romantic movies and marketing on romance, we’ve been exposed (and we still are) to what love is meant to be in a very unrealistic way.

We’ve been taught that love should be everything to aim for: to be in love means to breathe for the other person and that the other person only breathes for you. It also means that we put so many expectations on love that at the end, it is almost impossible to escape from disappointment.

That’s why it is very important to redefine what loves means to you, outside of the imaginary created around the concept of love.

Perhaps love from you is a synonym of romance and therefore you expect to feel love (and give love) with romantic dates, gifts, compliments, etc.

But perhaps love from you is in the little things: knowing that another person thinks of you, that the other person takes care of you when you’re not at your best.

Perhaps love for you means that your partner cooks your favorite dinner for you when you arrive from a hard day at work, or spending one evening with your partner on the sofa under a cover laughing at silly jokes.

What is Love for you?

That’s the question you should ask yourself.

Are your expectations of love too unrealistic? Can you really find a perfect partner (is there really a perfect human being on earth?)

How would you feel loved and most importantly how do you show love?

What’s important for you when it comes to love?

Redefine love, take it out of the box and think about what would really make you happy and content.

Make sure you write it so if one day you’re in a relationship and you feel love and romance are starting to fall apart, revisit your definition of love.

Find YOUR love and don’t let anybody tell you how love should be.

Because there’s not one but thousands of ways of loving and being loved.


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