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The chemistry of Love – 10 ways in 10 days to find love in 2019

Last Update : January 7, 2019 by Alex

Agreement No.6 I’ll practice mindfulness to feel the chemistry of love

We’ve talked about love and romance…in today’s letter, we’ll talk about chemistry

What’s chemistry when it comes to love?

Is love a chemical reaction?

Is there a chemical that makes you fall in love?

What’s the chemistry behind love?

Relationships, Chemistry, and Love

According to Abigail Marsh, a professor of psychology at Georgetown University,  Love is “an emotion that is a particular response to one person, you love being around that person”.

But love is also a chemical response to that person. According to Marsh, “dopamine is the sort of reward-seeking [reaction, it makes you] energized, excited (…) the hormone that is most specific to feeling in love, that is more specific to the social response is oxytocin, and then closely related, a neuropeptide called vasopressin. Nature really wants love to feel good”.

There are actually a lot of different chemicals involved when you’re in love, but the most important one is dopamine considered as the “pleasure chemical” involved in love. On the other hand, norepinephrine is a chemical really close to adrenaline that produces the excitement of love.

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Being mindful to Love chemistry

The aim is not to learn the scientific explanation about how we fall in love, but rather to start practicing a certain mindfulness to be more aware of the ways the chemistry of love can affect us…or in your case, if you’re looking for love, in the ways chemistry can help you determine your attraction towards a potential match.

Love is not just in the mind but also in the body, and if you learn to listen to your body and your mind, you’ll probably won’t need to start questioning yourself when you meet somebody if it’s the right person, or if you’re taking the right decision about dating that person. By practicing mindfulness when it comes to the chemistry of love, you’ll simply know that it feels right.

Obviously, sometimes certain partners feel right but tend in the long-term not to be right for ourselves, but this comes later in the game of love.
For now, if we’re focusing on finding love in 2019, you should also focus on listening to your body.

The feeling of chemistry is hard to explain and it can vary a lot, but in general terms, it involves a feeling of excitement and energy. You feel nervous, you look forward to seeing the other person and you find yourself more active than usual.

But also, despite feeling nervous, you feel good when you’re with your partner. His/her smell makes you feel good and safe, and his/her touch makes you feel relaxed and happy.

Start listening to your guts! Your body will help you to find love!

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