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Dating in London

Last Update : July 17, 2019 by Ayana

London is considered one of the biggest cultural centers of Europe.

A place in which lots of different nationalities live together and where many young people have moved to discover new experiences.

London is not only the British capital but it is also one of the most exciting places to explore the dating scene in the UK.

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A great place to meet people from different backgrounds but most importantly London is a great place to submerge into the exciting world of dating. In London, you can find the best matches, free dates and lots of adventures from the best dating sites in the UK.

Ready for the romance?

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London Dating: Endless romantic possibilities

Even though London is often seen as a misty city, the city is very colourful and never goes to sleep!

From bars to club, exhibitions, gigs, restaurants, cinemas London offers lots of different activities where meeting people becomes much easier.

There are several dating sites in London specialising in speed dating, events for singles, double dates… the list is endless!

However, if you want to use the beautiful London landscape to nurture a great romance we will like to recommend you a couple of options :

#Finding love by the canals

Indeed, the canals in London are one of the greatest asset (and hidden gems) of London!

There are several canals in the North and South of London, but we especially recommend you to take the canal starting at Camden Town: Regents Canal. The views won’t disappoint you!

A romantic walk through Regent’s Canal

Regent’s Canal crosses central-north London. It’s 8.6 miles long and has 13 locks. It was first built in October 1812 and completed in 1820.

It starts from Paddington Arm (Grand Union Canal) and finishes in the river Thames. Aside from the technical details, Regent’s Canal is one of the most romantic spots in London.

A walk through this canal is one of the best activities you can do in the city. You’ll see amazing architecture, a piece of nature in the middle of the cities, hidden bars, multi-coloured boats, birds, food stands, etc.

This canal crosses some of the most iconic places (yet not so crowded from the canal): Hampstead, Camden, St Pancras, Acton and Limehouse. A walk through Regent’s Canal is the perfect place to get to know your date. Plus, it is completely free! Conversations, walks, nature, colours, relax. What else do you need to create romance?

#Romance from the top of London

Hampstead Heath is another great place to organise a date.

A lovely park from which you can admire the whole city from the top. Sounds great?

Well, Hampstead is one of the most beautiful (and posh) neighborhoods in London. A sort of small village within the city with great restaurants worth discovering!

A romantic picnic touching the sky: Hampstead Heath

Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful spots in London. Visiting Hampstead Heath’s park is like visiting paradise within the city.

You’ll see trees, green leaves, a lake (yes you can also swim) and beautiful benches almost touching the London sky. The views of the city are breathtaking, and the neighborhood is filled with little cafés. If you want to impress your date, Hampstead Heath is a must-go-to place.

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#A romantic date is the never-sleeping center of London: How to succeed a romantic date in Clapton

Brick Lane is always filled with people, during the day, at night… a great place to feel alive, to feel part of London and to share that feeling with your date.

In BrickLane you will find restaurants, bars, gigs, shops…the first thing you will notice the spicy smell from the surrounding Indian restaurants…from there anything is possible.

Discover a hidden romantic gem with an amazing sunset

If you liked the idea of a date alongside a river, but you find the Thames too imposing, we’ve got another great spot for you in North-east of London, in Clapton, to be more precise. Alongside a canal that is not really known but completely worth visiting: “River Lea”.

It’s a hidden gem in London. A very quiet, cozy and intimate canal, only known by locals. Watching the sunset from this pub is perhaps the most romantic thing you can do in London.

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