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Last Update : March 18, 2021 by Alex

By combining the fun features of a social network with the seriousness of a matchmaking site, the online dating site Zoosk provides a unique experience of social dating.

Its in-house feature: the Behavioural Matchmaking engine learns from your behavior on the site to deliver you the best matches.

No need to complete an endless questionnaire as this powerful tool is constantly learning from your actions such as the profile visited and then suggest you possible matches.

Discover how Zoosk works:

  1. Zoosk: How does it work?
    1. Test Zoosk
  2. Main features
  3. Zoosk Prices
  4. Reliability and safety
    1. Zoosk cancellation
  5. Zoosk rating: our opinion

Zoosk: How does it work?

It will take you no longer than a few minutes to sign-up for Zoosk: create your “Date Card” and give as much information as you want about yourself. You can then decide to fill in Zoosk compatibility test that is made to refine your preferences and the matchmaking results.

Based on this information and on your activity, the Behavioural Matchmaking tool starts suggesting you profiles.

At this stage everything is free, but if you want to be able to communicate with a member you have been introduced to, or see who has viewed your profile, you have to upgrade to a paid membership. You can find the membership price list below.

Test Zoosk

Main features

  • Zoosk offers you several ways to interact with potential matches:
  • Simply start searching for profiles according to your criteria
  • Select from the profiles suggested by the Behavioural Matchmaking tool
  • Use the Profile Carousel and simply click “yes” or “no” as you see the picture and age of a member to show your interest.
  • Try the Zoosk Scientific Matchmaking Service™: this service suggests you one profile per day based on the information collected and your behaviour on the site.
  • Remember that all these actions will help Zoosk show you more relevant results. You can ssynchronise your Zoosk account with Facebook in order to find your existing Facebook friends on the website.
  • Zoosk strongly puts the emphasis on the safety and privacy of its members. Indeed, all profiles are reviewed before being published on the site and user information is encrypted.
  • Zoosk is available on the go with its iPhone and Android Apps.
  • More dating tips and advice on the Zoosk online dating blog.

Zoosk Prices

Subscription Cost Cost per month
1 month £22.74 £22.64
3 months £47.94 £15.98
6 months £71.94 £11.99

Reliability and safety

Zoosk puts a lot of care on their safety and privacy measures for its members. Their policy reviews all profiles prior to being published and they always ensure the encryption of the information of its users.

Added to that, they have a very efficient help center to help its users quickly solve any possible problems.

Zoosk Cancellation

Zoosk’s subscription renews automatically. If you would like to cancel your subscription make sure to turn off the automatic renewal.

The process is quite simple. You will just need to go to your Account settings and select the option: Subscription and Cancel My Subscription.

You have to note that if your subscription was purchased by any third party account (Amazon for example) you will have to cancel it directly on the third party account.

Zoosk rating: our opinion

Pros Cons
Free Registration

Fun experience of social dating

#1 selling dating App

Selective matchmaking system (although very efficient)

No customer support live chat

Our team is very impressed by Zoosk performances. The site’s approach to dating can be considered as a major breakthrough in the industry and makes them stand out of their competitors. The social aspect of dating that is promoted makes it less stressful and much more fun. Keep in mind that is you do not want your dating activity to interfere with your social networking life, you can sign up with your email address instead of your Facebook account.

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