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Dating as Emma Watson

Last Update : October 6, 2017

Emma Watson has shaken gender norms quite often. The star of Harry Potter has quickly passed from the frizzy-haired Hermione to a great advocate of women and romance who has also publicly stated that humor is one of the most important things when dating.

A revolution in romantic dating

A romantic and confident woman that confessed asking more than once for a date. Watson not only asked a man out for dinner but also chose the restaurant and paid for the bill.
When asked about that experience, she confessed that despite the dating arena being completely revolutionized by the online dating endless possibilities, there’s still quite an old-fashioned trend in romantic behaviors when meeting for a first date.
Women tend to wait for men to do all the flirt and preparations of the date. Hence, as Emma Watson stated, when a woman decides to take the initiative it creates an awkward and uncomfortable feeling.

Finding love with initiative

Dating and meeting singles is completely changing, and gender norms when meeting, flirting or seducing should also accompany that change.
Changes and especially the good and strong ones, tend to happen slowly, but the initiative is one of the lessons on dating of the actress of Noah. Even if it can create an awkward situation at first it will give you a perfect chance to engage into a dialogue of why you both think it has created an awkward or uncomfortable.
Finding love or building a serious relationship needs initiative, boldness and a deep understanding of each other and the circumstances.
Daring to disrupt gender norms when dating is a great way of enjoying the full experience of meeting new single people. Are you ready to start the dating change?

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