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How to identify a long-term Relationship

Last Update : October 9, 2017

Who hasn’t dreamt with finally finding a long-term relationship? A relationship that keeps growing with time and being nurtured from love. A love relationship that completes you both and that means unconditional support… however sometimes being a dreamer might hit hard with reality. But at the end, ¿who hasn’t started a relationship and put too many hopes on it for…nothing?

Not to worry, not everything is lost in love, there are some tricks to gauge if your relationship might continue in the future… we can’t promise you that it will last “forever” but let’s be honest… what does last forever?

#A respectful relationship

One of the first keys for a long-term and healthy relationship is mutual respect. Because once the respect for your partner and your relationship is lost, the relationship will struggle. It is important to note that in order to reach respect it is important for a couple to have a great deal of understanding, admiration, and acceptance. Key elements that, however, couples tend to forget with time.

Mutual understanding is essential as friendship, love, and admiration will grow from it. If one person is always trying to change the other, the relationship will unavoidably turn toxic at some point.

A respectful relation doesn’t have to be a relationship without arguments. Arguments can be healthy and necessary, the difference between a long-term relationship and an unhealthy one is sometimes as easy as knowing when and how to say sorry.

#A committed relationship

Another key element to know if your relationship will last is to gauge if you are both 100% committed to your relationship. Sometimes relationships aren’t balanced and at the end, it can have a negative effect. Do you feel that you are both committed at the same level? That’s the only way to have a healthy and long-term relationship. 

On the other hand, communication is also very important in a relationship: open-minded communication actually. Do you feel you can openly talk about your feelings? That should be your aim.

# The key to a long-term relationship: trust

It is not always easy to have total trust in your partner, but sometimes we tend to forget that the lack of trust might actually be your own personal issue.  Trust should be natural. If you’ve got to force yourself to trust your partner, your relationship might not last too long. It makes sense, doesn’t it?

The idea is that a relationship should be based on trust and that both of you should be able to respect each other’s space and each other’s decisions. And most importantly! if you want to have a long love story you should learn to adapt to changes.

Are you ready to start a true love story?


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