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The art of flirting

Last Update : October 9, 2017

There are flood of seduction tips on the Internet, but we don’t really speak about body language much, even though it’s the first flirting technique we use when approaching someone. Knowing how to decode non-verbal signs; this is one of the main keys to the art of flirting!

We can get lots of information from the person we are approaching’s body language. The first, but not the least, is to identify whether this behaviour is being well received or not, in other words: does the person I am flirting with want to be hit on?

However it is not so simple … Women are experts in non-verbal communication (when it is not “inverted” like saying “no” but obviously meaning “yes”). The female excels in this area where men traditionally take the first step and are expected to take “action” while women are better in the body language “suggestion”.

When we talk of “body language”, we mean small physical contacts (touches), held gazes or change in usual behaviour (more laughter, leaning in, sparkling eyes etc.). The art to communicating through body language mainly demands finesse skills and delicacy, where many men fall short due to lack of practice. The art of flirting, when done poorly, leads to many misunderstandings. For example, flirting with a person, and being persuaded their feelings are mutual, when they are not, it may come from a bad body language analysis to the reaction of your advances (or a woman wanting reassurance on her seduction powers).

Most people are not born seducers. To help with this non-existent gift you (and me) have, here are some tips perfecting your flirting skills:
• Start by striking up conversation with the person you like more often, so that you can get their attention
• Work on your sense of humour: it’s real weapon of seduction!
• Be an attentive gentleman and gallant
• Be interested in your target: tastes, hobbies, passions, etc.
• Be yourself or you’ll get hurt in the long run

Dating sites are a good starting point to engage in flirting but obviously it is very difficult to detect non-verbal signs of communication. To compensate, many sites offer fun tools to break the ice.

Finally, it is always possible to chat via webcam with your potential partner before meeting them in real life: an interesting playground for working your weapons of seduction and consolidate your art of flirting!

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