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How to start an online conversation ?

Last Update : October 9, 2017

You are all set up. Your profile is ready, your picture is nice and the excitement is increasing. You start to go through the different profiles and after a while, you find one that sounds really interesting and definitely worth giving it a shot. You click on the button to start the conversation and the chatting box pops up… what to do then? Do you know how to start an online conversation?

#Make sure you have thoroughly read his/her profile

We all get it, the eagerness to start a conversation is often what makes us jump into it without properly investigating first. Make sure you read his or her profile. What are his/her interests?
One of the main basis to start a conversation is by showing the other person that you are not only interested in them because their picture has caught your attention, but also showing them that you are actually very interested in their profile because you think you might have similarities or matches. The profile will also give you all the necessary material to ask a couple of questions.

#Avoid an inquisitive interview, instead use humour

It is quite easy to fall into the kind of conversation that relates more to a job interview rather than to the beginning of a romance. While it is very good to ask a couple of questions, it is important that the questions are not all together and that you make sure you give space to the other person so he/she doesn’t feel harassed. The perfect dynamic should consist of a couple of questions from your side and a couple of questions from your online date’s side.

#Watch out for Grammar and typos

If you start a conversation with typos and grammar mistakes, you are condemning yourself from the beginning to fail. It is quite easy to do mistakes while typing, either the phone is too small, we want to type too quickly from the computer… the excuses are endless, however putting extra care in the typos while starting a conversation is undoubtedly a positive sign that will show the other person that you an attentive to the detail and that you are taking the online dating seriously.

# Make sure to write down your emotions

Online dating is very different from a real-live date. To start with body language is unseen (unless you put the cam).
This can have a huge impact on the conversation, as when words are merely written they tend to be taken more seriously and more strongly than when they’re accompanied by body language. That is why, and to avoid any possible misunderstanding, express your emotions, if you like what the other person is telling you if they make you laugh. Don’t be afraid to give – real – compliments.

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