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Should you be waiting to meet your soul mate?

Last Update : October 9, 2017

The idea of the soul mate has been set in our mindset since we were born. A long tradition of our societies that basically has set love to almost impossible standards. Finding your soul mate, that person that is somewhere there trying to find you, THE person that will make you life, create your happiness and give you the perfect love story to be “happily ever after”.  Does this sound realistic?  Should you really wait for your soul mate to turn up?

Do soul mates actually exist and what are they exactly?

Soul mate: a love story set to impossible standards

The whole idea of the soul mate has done more damage in love than benefited it. As human beings, we tend to be discontent with what we have, we always want more, we always want different, a vicious circle. After all, popular wisdom is not usually mistaken “you don’t know what you have until you lose it”.

Added to that, human beings have not yet reached perfection even though it has been studied by several experts over the years…or are we human capable of perfection? IN which case, can we expect perfection in love? Would the soul mate be the idea of perfection?

If we are looking for perfection in love, it won’t probably be very successful. Perfection is a rather subjective matter in the field of love. A quality that can also switch over time according to the person, the mood, the situation, etc…


That is why the best thing to do is to try to understand yourself first. Your qualities, preferences, expectations. A journey of self-discovery that will give you the answer of how that soul mate- understood as the person that would compliment you in almost all the ways – should be. In that case, would there be one or several possible soul mates?

How would you describe your soul mate?

Instead of trying to look for that perfect soul mate that will bring you happiness, love and passion, it is important for you to try to define what “soul mate ” means to you. What are you exactly looking for in love? How would you like the other person to be?

Dating websites have become very popular because the idea of having possible matches is not limited to one person, but to vast possibilities.  Soul mate then becomes just a way of naming the best qualities that a person could have in order to complement you and for you both to create a happy environment together.

A lasting love story in which both of you would understand each other, share your life together and complement each on a daily basis.

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