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Seducing a woman: words to avoid!

Last Update : October 9, 2017

Not much is more complex than a woman, its true! From the “no” that means “yes”, the smiles that hide feelings of frustration, the “if you want” that reveal early warnings … In short, it is the same in terms of seduction, there are rules! Or rather say that there are codes for the girls that if you gentlemen do not bother to study a minimum, do not understand why some women send you on roses while with a little tact, you would have put them in your bed!

Mastering the compliment

Attention gentlemen at the words that you consider compliments that are not at all for the female … Some completely mundane phrases can completely ruin your flirting technique if you underestimate their potential misinterpretation. “Cute, nice” as many words that jump anguish the ladies, shocked described with the same words used to describe babies and animals. It’s simple: a woman is “beautiful”, a kitten is “cute”, a baby is “cute”: it does not mix!
Please note the words such as “nice” have the tendency to cause ulcers in women! The term “nice” when speaking of a woman seems to rhyme with “beast” or “simplistic.” When we say that a woman is kind, she is often “only” friendly and distinguished therefore neither her beauty nor intelligence… In order to counteract the problem, use praise as “interesting” or “funny” but quickly drive out the word “nice” from your vocabulary. Also, note that if you tell a woman that she is “nice” you’re telling her that you will never sleep together … it’s called the “Friendzone”.

Compliment a woman on her physique, yes, but…

To flirt with a woman, you will sooner or later need to tell her you to find her incredibly sexy and in your head, you do not listen to what she says but you already imagine removing her bra and panties. Of course, you will not say it (at least not right away), firstly: you have to be delicate, compliment her on her body subtly.

How? Here are some tips:

Never tell a woman she is thin or is skinny, it will be perceived negatively. The word “sexy” will go down much better: simply tell her that you like what she is wearing, she has a pretty dress … It’s an indirect form of saying that she is hot! The big rule to complimenting women on their physical appearance is to NOT improvise. A woman is not hot, nor fit nor OK or natural … She is simply “pretty”. If a woman asks “how do I look?” the best answer you can give is “you’re perfect for me.”

Every woman is unique

A final tip if you do not want to end up an old virgin: never make a woman feel like she is “the norm”. On that note, it is best to not using adjectives such as “different” or comparative as “you’re more beautiful than … ” because a woman cannot help thinking that she was less beautiful, less interesting and you enjoy her because she’s different, and not for what she really is … it is complex: we warned you! Moreover, NEVER give a woman a rating (at least not in front of it). Normality is too ordinary; the woman you want to seduce is anything but ordinary, she is exceptional!

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